Kelley Nguyen


I received my bachelors in Cognitive Science from UCLA and am incredibly fascinated by human computer interaction. I am dedicated to being deliberate with design, learning the context of modern humans, and listening to music, past and present.

New New York
January 2018, I wondered how millennials would find their roommates when they move into metropolitan areas or near city centers. I brainstormed a mobile product experience aiming to foster new relationships, safe environments and healthy expectations.

#casestudy #challenge #ui #productstrategy

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August 2017, as an Associate Product Designer of the Business Development and Friction teams at Clutter, we created and shipped features to further our goal of revolutionizing the storage industry. I helped with productions in CMS and iOS that’re still in progress.

#ux #productstrategy #contentstrategy

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SoundCloud iOS ReDesign
February 2017, I spent 5 months creating a redesign proposal of SoundCloud while completing an IxD and Design Specialization. It was both a personal and professional challenge, as well as a way of showing how much of a SoundCloud fanatic I am.

#casestudy #challenge #ui #productstrategy

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